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Do You Need a CS Degree to Get a Job in Tech?

I don't think that you need a bootcamp or go back to school to get a CS degree.

The main advantage of these two options is just the structure that is provided. And you can also argue maybe the community.

But all the material that is offered is all free and cheap on the internet.

And if you want a community, just go to a meetup. They are completely free and meetup organizers will want as many people there as possible.

Let's say you have a bug in your code, go to a meetup and ask people. I bet that you can figure it out at that meetup rather than paying a bootcamp $15000 for them to listen to your problem.

Just Google it.

Like, you are just going to Google it and go on Stack Overflow. Whether you are on a bootcamp, or a CS degree anyway.

So, you might as well get good at being resourceful yourself.

Like I said, go to meetups for collaboration. Like if you have a bug, go to a meetup and I am sure that you will figure it out.

You can also use other resources like YouTube.

YouTube is amazing. Stack Overflow is great too.

And as I once said, "You cannot hack your brain." That is all a bunch of click bait BS.

You cannot hack your brain to learn how to code. It is a brain.

You just have to Google everything.

You have to learn to be resourceful.

Learn how to struggle and learn how to learn.

It is not about the actual coding language or web development technology. It is learning how to learn the actual tech.

Rooting for you,

Karl ⛹️

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