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It looks like the image links for "Blue zippered kit with mesh pouches" and "Toothbrush, gootube, deoderant, and a couple other oddments" are broken.

I am fascinated and enchanted by the idea of tablet toothpaste. I need to look into that for holiday travel! You've inspired me to take careful stock of what I'm doing rather than just shove a bunch of ill thought out clothes in my bag and realize I have 7 shirts and no pajamas, like I usually do😅

I am also a proponent of wearing masks in public. Highly recommend Vogmask for stylish masks that come in both one and two vent varieties.


Yes! I will vouch for tablet toothpaste as well!


I find that having careful, predictable packing saves me a lot of frustration in the long run. Also, repeating clothes doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with different people all the time.

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