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What's Svelte?

it's like wherever I look nowadays everyone's using svelt and telling that's one of the best frameworks they used, so is it true? is svelte truly the best framwork?

let's take a look at this in todays blog and see which is truly better

The first thing that we need to understand is that svelte is not a framework nor a library but it's a compiler.

In svelte you write svelte code which compiles and converts into vanilla JavaScript code

this code is then executed in the browsers,so no library like react or react-dom is not needed

Advantages Of Svelt

Svelt has many advantages but one of the best is small bundle size since you don't have a bunch of libraries to slow down your application

Svelts learning curve is really really small as it uses html and javascript with a few added features

Svelt does not use the virtual dom as it feels like its not worh it if you want to read about this

Check Out This Article by svelt

Svelt is truly reactive you dont need something like recoil or redux

Svelt echosysystem
The svelte ecosystem is fairly new but has a great community and lots of libraries and code we can use

lots of developers such as myself love svelt for its simplicity and its syntax

Ok lets talk about the bad
alright lets talk about somethings you may or may not like

svelts syntax can be a bit confusing if you are a beginner
thought its unlikely that you will find their syntax odd some developers do complain its a little hard for them to adjust but personally if would say svelts sytax is not hard but its different than something like react or svelt

svelt is not popular?

unfortunately frameworks are kind of a popularity contest and thats why people love frameworks like react and vue and i personally svelt is going under the rader for a lot of people
this might cause some people to to use svelt at all as somepeople are really worried about the frameworks they use and learn

In conclusion svelt is great but is it the best framework? well no really... every framework has its ups and down but the way svelt is doing is amazing. Its has become one of my favourite things to talk about

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

You should check out RiotJS - it's been around a lot longer than Svelte, and Svelte looks remarkably similar to it

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SauhardoSengupta • Edited

Thanks Jon Randy Will check it out!πŸ‘