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Great article. Thanks! Really like it, you're a good writer and clearly has a lot of experience.

I'm kind on the same situation, I've been coding for almost 25 years and I still love it. Recently I've decided to start sharing more knowledge and helping others to learn and grow while I can also keep learning.

Wish you the best of luck and keep on coding and writing.


Thank you so much! I take that compliment "you're a good writer" because honestly, I've always felt like I failed in that area, so thanks again!

I definitely encourage you to share your knowledge. Even if it's just small. I'm still working on this but I make a little progress each day.

Perhaps you could do a github readme file with points, or a dev.to point teaching something. Or write a small npm module or other language module that does something simple, just to get code out there. Even taking the time to leave a comment, such as this one (which made my day!) is very helpful and a good step in to sharing.

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