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Discussion on: Angular struggles in 2020

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talamaska • Edited on

I personally have avoided Angular until v4 was released. Sure there were hick ups with some bugs in the cdk, but not in the Angular it selfq at least i didn't encounter such. I always wonder, what are people doing in order to provoke so many issues and to me really edge cases. I've been using Angular for 3 years and never had critical issues, there was always another way to make it work. Sure there are some issues with material components, but I'm itching to see how the current migration to mdc will look an how it can be customized, I hope for scss to css vars with conditional loading with @support or something. Comparing the number of the issues between React/Vue and Angular is just ridiculous, there is no other thing to compare with Angular. To compare correctly you should include all the 3rd party packages you use in order to make a react app work - router, forms, cypress, jest, styled elements, or w/e. Saying that React is more feasible to use to provide web components is just not true, because React can't Shadow dom. Maybe ionic's Stenciljs is a better example of what Angular Elements could be. I'm also not a big fan of async await, as I always will remember the hell of thens, I embraced rxjs from the first moment. Plus like someone before me said, there are still a bunch of old browsers in intranets and whatnot which can't gain from native async/await so it's not a major issue, respectively zone will continue to work fine for me. I'm only concerned about Ivy and TSLint. I do believe/hope eventually we will see a migration to ESlint maybe at the end of the year. There were several open discussions and with a list of what's done -
There always will be issues between great minds. There will be ups and downs and that's normal. I'm kinda disappointed that AngularDart is not gaining traction, I find Dart better at times than Typescript, having in mind this language gained more popularity around Flutter. To think that Angular will end up in the graveyard is not realistic. There is huge amount of Google's projects written in Angular, to imagine they will rewrite every one of them on Flutter is just not feasible. I hope such posts will not hurt Angular's popularity more, I don't want to write React ever.

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John Peters

Angular 10 is stable and strong.