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Safe AAnything Goes Hackathon Submission

Problem Statement:

Creating a subscription model based dapp is still a huge challenge in the web3 world. Some of the major challanges are:

  1. Recurring Payments

    • Reccuring payments are a pain in the web3 world. Payments have to be constantly approved by EOAs.
  2. Gas fees

    • Gas is spent on creating, subscribing and even for cancelling a subscription on the Blockchain
  3. Need of Externally Owned Accounts

    • Need of EOAs to fund different wallets and approve tokens. It is a hectic task.

Proposed Solution:

  • A web/mobile based dapp to manage all your web3 subscriptions in one place. A place where subscribing is as easy as a click of a button. We bring Account Abstraction using Relayer servers to reduce the gas fees and improve the overrall UX. The user will authenticate through Safe Wallet (
  • Using AA, we remove the process of approving transactions agin and again.
  • Account abstraction could make this system much more efficient and cost-effective. By abstracting the user's account, it separates the user's private key from their on-chain address.
  • Using relayers as servers which interact with the chain for the users. The user then can create a plan where they will provide all the details of the plan and the relayer will create a plan for the merchant/user
  • They can get the list of subscription to keep a track of all stuff they are subscribed to and they can view all the plans

Main Features:

  • Keeps your personal wallet safe and secure
  • easy one click subscription
  • invite people to a seamless subscription method

User Flow

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