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Stop Using Computers, and Start Using Punchcards

Inspired by Stop Using React and Stop using frameworks and libraries.

TL;DR (Sarcastic post ahead, you've been warned)

I thought I simply didn't understand Computers. I taught myself how to use them and I still wish I could go back in time and make it like Computers never existed. Here's why.

Computers crash

Every so often a program will misbehave, and cause an occasional Kernel Panic or Blue Screen of Death for Windows users.

Computers use electricity

Everyday you are using your computer, you are essentially using electricity. Alternating current to be precise (AC), some countries use 120VAC, while EU use 230VAC just so they can feel more powerful. Regardless on average these are your kW usage stats:

11.02 KWh x $0.28/KWh = $3.08 per week

We can then estimate a yearly figure ($3.08 x 52 weeks/year) of $160.16 per year.


Computers can dissapear

Trashcan (Recycle bin) are dangerous.


Computers are loud

Fan noise level can vary depending on your rig. Ranges anywhere from 40dB to 60dB. Source

Conclusion Computers are bad

Please join me in this movement, and meet up at our local university to run our programs with punch cards. We can take a coffee or two while we wait for the results. Provided they were no bugs in your program.

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Quality shit post

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Junxiao Shi

Where do you execute punch card programs? Computers!

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Fernando B 🚀

Oh man, we've entered a bad recursion function here. Sorry about that lol.