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ServerLab a Server Unit Testing Framework OSS

Photo: The tool was called TS_Images internally due to our naming conventions. I changed the name to something more suitable, but most of the file naming convention stayed the same.

On my way to work listening to the Changelog Podcast I learned how spotify open sources some of their internal tools to benefit the world. I've been meaning to do the same with ServerLab a tool I built for unit testing server images but had gotten lazy until now. Knowing that my tool could help people push me over the edge to publish it as open source.

Here's some background story if you're interested, how it got started.

I didn't think it was solid until some recent changes.

This is how the tool evolved over a period of almost a year.

  • v1 one script, good (2019 NOV)
  • v2 configurable but still with some drawbacks, great (2020 MARCH)
  • v3 configurable, maintainable and able to swap modules on the fly, super saiyan 4 (2020 OCT)

It is highly configurable, and saves time which is always a plus. v3 was also done in part to multiple people using the framework from IT to OT, and a few of my coworkers also giving me a hand to meet deadlines. I had to step up my documentation as I was no longer a one man army.

Let me know what you think of it, and please leave feedback or bugs in the repo.

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