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OneDrive Settings are terrible

Recently I updated my vscode powershell extension, and wanted to update my package management. I noticed onedrive with a big red X. I don't use OneDrive\MyDocuments on my company laptop exactly for this reason, but I needed to keep these dlls for powershell, and I also needed to sync to onedrive for a few folders I shared with my coworkers for documentation.

onedrive discussion #fail

If you ever need to sync onedrive, but is complaining about file extensions that are not whitelisted. I wrote a little script for it, if you've ever had to fight OneDrive then this is for you.

pip install onedrive-ignore
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onedrive --ignore
onedrive --restore

# Short version
onedrive -i
onedrive -r
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Files ignored, synced to onedrive:

Files restored, onedrive complaining, and not syncing:

Let me know if you've ever came across this issue before, or how is your IT dealing with it.

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