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Best Resources for Svelte and SvelteKit

Read If:

  • You want to learn svelte and sveltekit.


  • This post contains all the required or important resources to learn/understand svelte and sveltekit in better way.

Official Docs and Resources by SvelteJs

  • Docs: Official documentation for svelte which is basically for to get started and learn what svelte can do and how to.

  • This is official tutorial by sveltejs. This is a best way to play with basics of svelte.

  • SvelteKit Docs: This is official documentation for sveltekit which explains all the features sveltekit have.

  • Learn It is an underdevelopment project by sveltejs which might a replacement for official tutorial which is a step guide tutorial for svelte and sveltekit.

Video Resources

  • Svelte Society: A official svelte community which organize svelte summit. They have great resources because of summit.

  • lihautan: This guy is so good at explaining svelte and sveltekit like you will understand every topics in detail.

  • SvelteMastery: A Youtube channel fully devoted to teaching Svelte version 3.

  • Joy of Code: A YouTube channel with lots of videos on svelte and sveltekit. I got to learn my things from here for e.g. auth handling in sveltekit.

  • Scott Spence SvelteKit Playlist: A YouTube Playlist on SvelteKit. It contains less videos but quality is top notch.

  • Level Up Tuts: A YouTube channel which have a special series on svelte and sveltekit. On every friday, they release a new video on svelte and sveltekit which can be update to svelte, useful things for svelte etc.

  • Web Jeda: A youtube channel which mainly focus on svelte and sveltekit. You will find useful guide to svelte.

  • Beginner Guide to SvelteKit: A complete course by Stephie on YouTube. This course takes you from beginner to intermediate level if you understand it perfectly.

  • Svelte-Tutorials by Script Raccoon: This a YouTube Playlist and it's in german provided by @kolja. If you need any explaination please ask here in comment where he/she provided the link for playlist.

Blog Posts or Articles

  • Sveltekit: This contains all the posts and articles related sveltekit on dev forum.

  • Svelte: This Contains all the posts and articles related svelte on dev forum.

  • LogRocket Blog Posts on Svelte and Kit: They have written one of the best content on svelte and sveltekit. They explain everything using code examples.

  • Scott Spence Posts: He have written much more than 15 articles on sveltekit which explains different approach or integration.

  • Shivam Meena: Well it's me, i write on svelte and sveltekit. I hope you would check out my other content on svelte and sveltekit.

In future I'll update this with all the references i will get from you in comments and by the support of community. You should check out Blog. They release a monthly post which contains new in svelte and kit with shoutout to some of articles, videos and showcase on or about svelte and kit.

This is me writing for you. If you wanna ask or suggest anything please put it in comment.

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Great list 😘
A very nice german channel:

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Shivam Meena • Edited

Thank you so much for suggestion. I have added it in the list and if you have some time can you please provide me a review of the tutorials because i don’t know a bit of german 🥲

deotyma profile image

Thanks for all these resources.

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Shivam Meena

Happy to help