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I made a browser extension that cross-publish post from Notion to DEV, Hashnode, Medium and more

Hi everyone, let me introduce you OnePublish which is a cross-publishing tool that allows you to manage all your content in Notion and cross-publish it with few clicks.

Inspiration and Idea 💫

I have been posting tech articles since 2018, but I have always been too lazy to publish them on all of my blogging platforms.

Because, each platform comes with its own unique markdown requirements, image uploading processes, tag settings, and more. Also, simple copy-pasting doesn't work effectively due to the varying ways editors render content.

Yeah.. you guessed it right, I am too lazy for 15 minutes of dedicated work so I spent 5-6 month to build this chrome extension to make publishing easier.

All your content in Notion 🗒️

Have you ever lost your articles? I have been through this, and it was hard for me to rewrite everything. I felt like there was no single place where I could manage all my content.

Then I realized Notion is a great place to manage content with all its tools and easy-to-use markdown editor. So, why not manage content in Notion and make a tool to cross-publish it to other blogging platforms.

No Complex Dashboards. Simple Extension as a Gateway to Publishing. 🎯

I was thinking of making something simple and easy-to-use where there is no need to register on some website and then get lost inside the dashboard.

That idea lead me to make a chrome extension where user don't need to navigate to separate website and manage all the content there.

Minimizing the onboarding process plays crucial role in not getting bored when starting to use the product. I often find myself closing the tab in the middle of registration because of the long setup process.

In the current state of OnePublish, users can connect to Notion with an OAuth flow (few clicks) and then it's ready to use.

I am using my own product 😎

Of course I am using it. I already boosted my SEO with canonical links and domain rating is increasing because of backlinks. I am cross-publishing to here DEV, Hashnode, Medium, and Ghost CMS. And all my content is in managed in Notion.

See it in action

Here's how I am cross-publishing with OnePublish:

Waiting for your feedbacks :)

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