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Discussion on: Fixing's scrollbar bug with a single line of code

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Damon Muma

"expensive macbooks"

YUP! Indeed MacOs disables visual scrollbars by default so it's likely the devs with fancy macbooks who built the site never noticed the issue (just like it never affected me..).

Sometimes building and designing on top of the line hardware can blind us to some issues (same thing happens when designers have 27" apple cinema displays and forget that other people don't, or forget that most people's smartphones process javascript like 5x slower than flagship devices).

Which is to say.. sometimes not having an expensive macbook makes you more valuable as a developer or designer 👍

Which is to say.. fuck yeah diversity!

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Desolo Sub Humus 🌎🌍

I've gotten the odd problem of things working great for me, then finding out there's a bug that only affects top-of-the-line, high-resolution, ginormous screens. My font-sizes adjusted as per my CSS @media responsive rules which were based on screen width. The problem was that by adjusting, the last few letters in two of my menu items would be cut off if the extension icon was too close to the end of the browser's toolbar. It was an easy fix, but I would have never known if I hadn't been told about it. Who knew odd screen ratios could screw up a menu?

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Well, so right! I got a small resolution screen notebook at home, I have shopping carts at online shops where I am not being able to reach the submit button, because the shopping carts height is higher than my screen is able to show...

On the other hand, I had a bug on a client's website where the logo graphic was inverted. Took me hours to figure out, that the graphic was in the wrong color scheme... CMYK instead of RGB, so the macbook inverted it and the default windows user wouldn't ever noticed this ;)