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TypeError: handler.apply is not a function

thecodingstoic profile image theCodingStoic ・1 min read

So, I am working my way through the VueJS guide using SFC's (I like to challenge myself). However, I have come across an issue in the List Rendering section. I have passed an array, items, from the vForArray component to the MutableArrayMethods component as a prop. In the MutableArrayMethods data, I have an array with information for buttons. While I am able to render both the items and buttons arrays the way that I want, I am not able to successfully run a method bound to the button. I have made sure that no names are repeated by adding a new property and matching the method names to that.

File tree to error:

->vForArray.vue (source of items prop)
->MutableArrayMethods.vue (unable to execute methods on button click)

I appreciate any help. I also appreciate any general feedback on my code.


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