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Web Notifications API — One Byte Explainer

This is a submission for DEV Challenge v24.03.20, One Byte Explainer: Browser API or Feature.

Explainer ⚡

Imagine you ordered food from a restaurant but you don't get a reminder once it's ready.

That's the pain Notifications API deems to solve.

It sends notifications displayed at a system level, so even when you're absent you are alerted when your food is ready.

Structure of how a notification works

Additional Context ✍️

Websites becoming more advanced as applications these days have made them more interactive in our everyday lives, hence the in-built Notifications API is highly useful for web apps, PWAs, or even websites.

Although it's quite difficult to get straight into coding once you understand the concept, the good news is that MDN has a great example that can get you started on it and learning documentation that you can refer if you get stuck.

Bonus Reading 💖

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