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Yeah man, we still use it.

I've said it here before and I'll say it again:

React, Vue, and Angular are fine tools. But if you try to apply it to every damn website you work on, you're over-engineering plain and simple.

Though the loudest devs online are all about SPAs and heavy front end frameworks, there's also a ton more out there building 20 page brochure-ware websites for companies. And at most they want to manipulate the DOM a little bit, do some AJAX calls simply, and maybe some nice form validation.

If they introduced React and it's whole build system into a project like that, they'd blow the budget easily.

Don't write crap code, and jQuery-based websites are not hard to maintain. Too many zealots out there would have you think that choosing jQuery is always horrendous, but they live in a different world. Not all of us are working on SaaS products, SPAs, and re-inventing the next Twitter. We have restaurant websites, ad agency sites, and more to take care of.


Couldn't agree more.
Why woudl i use some SPA framework if i just need to use javascript for some popup, carousel and AJAX contact form?

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