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SharePoint Online Audience Targeting for Group Owners

SharePoint allows audience targeting for navigation links, news, files (just to name a few).

It is straightforward (steps described here) however one thing to note, is SharePoint only allows a group's members to be the audience. Key point here though is that

A group owner is NOT considered as a group member!

I reckon this design could be because a group owner could probably be not part of a business team, as he/she is in only in charge of administering the group, rather than is a part of daily business functions.

However, if the group owner is an actual team member, then remember to add he/she as part of the group members as well.

Below is a simple illustration.

Here is the target audience settings dialog window for this SharePoint label called Test.

My 365 Group is called HR Internal.

Notice the only option SharePoint gives is HR Internal Members. There is no HR Internal Owners.

Target Audience Options


The only way to get around this, is to add your user(s) who are under Group Owner to be ALSO a part of Members.

In a 365 Group, a user can be both an owner and a member. A group owner does not automatically mean it is a group member. It could mean different things as shown in the above SharePoint target audience example.

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