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How to identify an Azure Spot Virtual Machine?

Azure Spot Virtual Machines are one of the best ways to save costs on non-critical applications.

Here is how we identify which VMs we have are Spot and which ones are normal ones.

Virtual Machines Table

In the Virtual Machines page, click on Manage View -> *Edit Columns. *

Select the following columns:

  • Azure Spot eviction policy
  • Azure Spot eviction type
  • Azure Spot max price

Image description

Image description

Within a Virtual Machine

Under Settings, click on Properties.
If there are values under Azure Spot eviction policy and/or Azure Spot eviction type, this indicates this is a Spot machine.

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Leonard Püttmann

Didn't know that spot VMs existed until know! Do you know how high the risk is that spot-VMs will get shut down?

thebernardlim profile image

Hey, Azure provides an eviction rate % for each VM size + Region. So far from my experience, somehow we have not been evicted even once for over 6 months. I can say it is pretty reliable. Regardless, it is still a spot machine hence always ensure your apps can tolerate such sudden interruptions.