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How to get the latest updates, news & announcements regarding SharePoint Online

As SharePoint Online is a SaaS, it is important for us (especially for SharePoint Administrators & IT Pros) to know what are the latest updates that are being released to the platform, rather than be randomly surprised or caught off guard.

Here are a couple of ways to stay updated.

Official Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Microsoft has Microsoft 365 Roadmap page. Here you can filter the Product dropdown to only list SharePoint or any other M365 products.


M365 Roadmap

SharePoint Admin Center Message Center

Only applicable for SharePoint Administrators, the latest release updates can be found under the Message Center in the SharePoint Admin Center.

Note: SharePoint Admin Center can be accessed via Office Admin or directly via https://{yoursitename}

Message Center

Message Center 2


There are a couple of blogs that do also post on the latest updates regarding M365 platforms.

Here are some:

Please let me if there any more useful links & resources in the comments.

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