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How to allow Site Members (Non Site Owners) to share files with anyone?

How do you allow your site members (non site owners) to be able to share files with "Anyone"?

By default, the "Anyone" option is disabled 🚫 for site members when trying to share files from SharePoint

Default settings

⚠️⚠️ Anyone here means anyone who gets hold of the shared link can access this file without signing-in,i.e. unauthenticated users. Please be extra careful when enabling this option.

Step 1: SharePoint Admin Center Settings

This setting can be found under Policies -> Sharing
Enable External Sharing by dragging the slider to "Anyone"

SharePoint Admin Global Settings

Step 2: Site Level Settings

  1. Click the Gear icon on top right corner
  2. Select Site permissions Gear
  3. Select Change how members can share under Site Sharing

  4. In the Site sharing settings dialog, depending upon your requirements, select any of the options other than Only site owners can share files, folders, and the site

Site sharing settings

⚙️⚙️ Default Settings

It is probably a good idea to set the default type of link & permissions to be a more restrictive 🔒

In the SharePoint Admin Center Sharing page as per in Step 1, go to the File and folder links sub-section.

Here you can choose the default value for the:

  • Type of link
  • Permission of link

File and folder links

📖📖 Further Reading

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