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Upload a fil with JS Fetch API

// Select your input type file and store it in a variable
const input = document.getElementById('fileinput');

// This will upload the file after having read it
const upload = (file) => {
fetch('', { // Your POST endpoint
method: 'POST',
headers: {
// Content-Type may need to be completely omitted
// or you may need something
"Content-Type": "You will perhaps need to define a content-type here"
body: file // This is your file object
response => response.json() // if the response is a JSON object
success => console.log(success) // Handle the success response object
error => console.log(error) // Handle the error response object

// Event handler executed when a file is selected
const onSelectFile = () => upload(input.files[0]);

// Add a listener on your input
// It will be triggered when a file will be selected
input.addEventListener('change', onSelectFile, false);

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