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Spacexopedia | Built with Flutter

Sonu Sharma 💙
just a passionate technology enthusiast whose flaw is curiosity. I like to figure out complex problems, working with teams.
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Hello guys, From the past 4 weeks I was working on a flutter project not dedicatedly but in my free time. The purpose of this project is to develop the ultimate SpaceX experience in a variety of platforms. A single experience, from a single codebase.

About Spacexopedia

Spacexopedia has been developed to provide information about space projects of giant space company SpaceX. App is a light-weight, fast and easy to use. It fetches the data from the open-source r/SpaceX REST API, which can be found here.

This Spacexopedia has been built using the Flutter framework, which allows to build an app for mobile, desktop & web, from a single codebase.

App features:-

  • Past & upcoming launches: flight no., launch date, location, vehicle type,rocket used etc.
  • Tesla Roadster : orbit, speed & distance of the Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster.
  • Rockets catalog: read about all rockets, capsules & ships SpaceX has developed over the years.
  • Dragon capsule catalog: type, diameter, height, weight, capacity, payload.
  • Core & capsules details: more information about each core & capsules launched

After the completion of the first phase, it seemed to be in a stable state so I have decided to publish it on the play store.


Wrapping it up

This application is not affiliated with, funded or in any other way associated with SpaceX company.

If this project inspires you to build anything interesting let me know in comments. If you have any ideas for new features or wants to contribute in project be sure to send a pull request.
If you found a bug or want to suggest a feature report it here. If you like the project then show your love by giving star the repo.

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