Podcast for beginners?

Kody James Ague on November 12, 2019

I'm finding that I'd like to listen to a podcast during work. My work is not mentally challenging so I can afford to devote some brain cells to listening. I see there are a lot of podcast options on Dev but I'm not sure which ones would be a good spot to jump in as a beginner? I'd love some suggestions! TIA!

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I second BaseCS & Syntax! Will also add:
CodeNewbie - The same host from BaseCS, lots of great conversations with folks from all backgrounds & skillsets, aimed for new folks
Shop Talk Show - These dudes have been at it forever, but they talk a lot of straight building website talk, & are super easy to listen to


I appreciate the suggestions and comments with regard to each one. Thank you Linda!


Cheers Eddie, I'll start there since it's the first suggestion. 👍🏻👍🏻


Ladybug Podcast is a great podcast for beginners as well as experienced developers.


Thanks Ryan, I'll give that one a listen soon. 👍🏻 I think I heard the first episode awhile back but didn't follow.

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