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8 Open Source Apps For Android

Time for some open source apps for Android. Open-source apps are always the best alternative to the best-paid apps that are available in the market. They are Ad-Free, most of them have no in-app purchases, don't track you or steal your data, etc.

| Open Source Apps For Android | TechWiber | Abhishek Bhujang |
| Open Source Apps For Android | TechWiber |

Since open source community have less marketing budget, the paid applications or the apps with ads and in-app purchases have huge marketing budgets end up being installed in our phones that sometimes track you or steal your precious data and sell it to some third party.

So, here are some best open source applications for Android.

All the apps are safe and the links provided are redirected to F-Droid and Google Play Store with the links to their source code.

P.S: Please download the F-Droid app if you face any issues opening the F-Droid links provided below (as you may be redirected to error 404 pages in some cases).

1. SubHub: Subtitle Downloader

SubHub is a subtitle downloader by FunkyMuse. It is lightweight and provides a modern and simple UI. It uses OpenSubtitles to find subtitles.

| SubHub | TechWiber |
| SubHub | TechWiber |

It automatically scans your device and provides subtitle files, if any, for you to choose from. It supports downloading multi-language subtitles for all of your movies.

F-Droid: Download SubHub

Source Code

2. Glider for Hacker News

The glider is an opinionated, Ad-free, Hacker News client. It uses the official Hacker News API hosted on Firebase and the Hacker News Search API provided by Algolia. If you are a hacker or wannabe, this app is a must to keep yourself updated on some hacking news.

| Glider | TechWIber |
| Glider | TechWiber |


• Browse stories, comments, and user profiles

• Catch up on and search stories from any period

• Log in using an existing or new Hacker News account

• Vote on and favorite stories and comments

• Write replies and submit new stories (experimental)

• Collapse comment trees

• No ads, no telemetry

• Extensive theming

• Sensible defaults

F-Droid: Download Glider

Source Code

3. Barinsta - Simple yet advanced Instagram client

If you don't upload posts or stories on Instagram, but can't get rid of it because of people and content, you now have an alternative: Barinsta is a beautiful client that allows you to browse and interact with Instagram while giving you more options to control your data.

* For those not having an account, you can access public profiles/hashtags/locations!

* For those logged in, Barinsta can achieve most viewing and interaction features, with extra features such as downloading posts/stories/avatars, copying texts, comparing followers/following, and more!

| Barinsta | TechWiber |
| Barinsta | TechWiber |


* Prevents irrational decisions: Barinsta removes double-tap and requires you to click into posts to give it a conscious like. It also allows you to easily access posts you've liked through your own profile.

* Allows customization: Pick your themes and layouts! You could even use a grid layout for the feed!

* Allows viewing at your own pace: No need to "hold" a story or scroll endlessly! Zoom whenever you want!

* Not a mod: Absolutely NO dependency on the actual Instagram app.

* Free & Open Source Software: With the app's source code open for inspection, no need to worry about sketchy dealings!

* Protects your privacy from friends: Barinsta allows you to read DMs and stories privately, without telling your friends!

* Protects your privacy from Instagram: The app only requests what it needs to show you the content and what you opted for in the settings. No communicating with useless endpoints, and only minimal data is sent to Instagram.

F-Droid: Download Barinsta

Source Code

4. PowerTunnel

PowerTunnel is a simple, cross-platform, and effective solution against government censorship for Android and PC.

| PowerTunnel | TechWiber |
| PowerTunnel | TechWiber |

It is built on VPN servers that intercept traffic and direct it through the LibertyTunnel proxy.

It sometimes improves your download speed when downloading a file from chrome or any browser (seriously), but sometimes causes problems while downloading some files.

F-Droid: Download PowerTunnel

Source Code

5. Flutter Gallery

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase.

| Flutter Gallery | TechWiber |
| Flutter Gallery | TechWiber |

A gallery of widgets and behaviors, plus demos and vignettes, all built with Flutter.

Google Play Store Link: Download Flutter Gallery

Source Code

6. Download Navi

As the name suggests, Download Navi is an Open Source, Ad-free Internet Download Manager (IDM).

| Download Navi | TechWiber |
| Download Navi | TechWiber |


• Free and Open Source software (FOSS)

• Material Design

• Multiple themes (Light, Dark, Black)

• Pause and resume downloads

• Browsers support

• Simultaneous downloads (default 3)

• Multi-part downloading (max 16)

• Download files in the background

• Unmetered connections only support (ex. Wi-Fi)

• Roaming controls

• User-agent controls

• Calculate hash value (MD5 & SHA-256)

• Power Management and battery control

• Various automatic actions after finishing download

Google Play Store Link: Download Download Navi

F-Droid Link: Download Download Navi

Source Code

7. LibGen Mobile

| LibGen Mobile | TechWiber |
| LibGen Mobile | TechWiber |

LibGen Mobile is a non-official Library Genesis mobile client. Library Genesis is a site where you can download almost any eBooks in various formats (like pdf, epub, etc).


  • Search books by title, author, and other parameters

  • See detailed info about the book (pages, size, etc)

  • Download the book (directly to the Downloads folder)

  • Switch between light and dark theme

  • Languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese

  • Currently, the app provides access only to the Sci-Tech section

F-Droid Link: Download LibGen Mobile

Source Code

8. Automation

| Automation | TechWiber |
| Automation | TechWiber |

Automate stuff on your device by creating rules. Create rules that are made of triggers and actions.

Here are some s** upported actions**:

* Change Wi-Fi state

* Change Bluetooth state

* Toggle USB tethering

* Toggle Wi-Fi tethering

* Toggle automatic screen rotation

* Make an HTTP request

* Change ringtone/sound setting

* Start another application

* Wait (in between other actions)

* Wakeup device's screen

* Toggle airplane mode

* Toggle mobile data connection

* Speak text

* Open music player

* Change screen brightness

* Send a text message

* Play sound file and many more...…

F-Droid Link: Download Automation

Source Code

_ Conclusion: _

Open-source software matters to developers in building a career while allowing them to work on some of the world's biggest platforms.

It additionally opens the ways to trend-setters who like to add to open source projects.

Furthermore, the best open-source software models we've given above are simply evidence of how gainful this software is.

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