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6 /100 DaysOfFlutter : Introduction to flutter Codebase

Create Flutter Project.

Flutter projects can be created using multiple ways.
here we will create using terminal

flutter create <project_name>
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it will create a new project in the current directory.

Project Structure

Project Stucture

Andriod folder

As flutter is the cross-platform mobile app development framework, making apps for android configuration is required, and that is done in `android folder, you can also find Gradle file in this folder.which is package manager for andriod.

ios folder

for making apps for ios configuration is required, and that is done in ios folder, even here you can find Xcode project file, for packages and plugins.


this is the main folder for all the code, which is used for creating the app, everything start's from here in a flutter.

same stuff for windows and web


Here is every information regarding your application form name:, description, version, what other packages you are using.

Packages What you they?

Packages are the libraries which can be used in your application.
In simple words, here people, organisations, even other open source communities have been built and you can use them then

it is similar to NPM for nodejs, pip for python, and so on

Package Manager for Flutter(dart)🎯 is the package manager for flutter, it is used for installing packages, and for managing packages

see and sample the flutter project here
repo link: @github

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