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Opinion needed .

the_unconventional_coder profile image ABHINAVA GHOSH (he/him) ・1 min read

I am in a confusion as to which software to go for next .

React Native or Flutter for android development.

Please help me choose ,and I would like to know what you think is better and why .

Thank you in advance.


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Gary Bell

This is going to be hugely opinionated from anyone contributing, I would think.

If you have an interest in web development too, then learn React Native. You should be able to transfer some of that knowledge to web if required.

If you aren't that bothered, then Flutter, because it's not by Facebook - one of the evil overlords of the Internet. Yes, it's by one of the other evil overlords of the Internet, but this one are at least the creators and custodians of Android.

Yes, flutter can be used for web (apparently) but no-one is looking for flutter web developers, they look for react

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If you have experience with web development and react then go for react native, but if you want to explore something which is rising and the community is increasing exponentially then go for flutter.