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“Insanely Good” by Swiggy Uses Amazon Web Services

Whenever we encounter any instance where a food item is sensed by our senses we instantly feel the urge to eat and try out that food item. I know you imagined yourself eating that Crisp Delicious Dosa in your mind when you saw that image or felt like eating it out sooner or later, or remembered the last time you ate such Delicious Dosa. Well, that’s the normal human tendency to do so it’s not your fault.

But why am I talking about food now? Well, let me explain.

Food being an essential part of our lives plays an important role in our growth as well as being health. We all are addicted to some kind of food which is our favorite pick among some. In this 21st Century, the Food Industry has grown tremendously huge and is playing a crucial role.

Nowadays people are more likely to order food items online. A Majority of people are hugely dependent on Food Delivery Services offered by various companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc.

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Today I attended the highly anticipated AWS Innovate Online Conference which took place on 30th August and 1st September 2023. Today in one of the sessions that took place among many I came across Swiggy’s Supr Daily Grocery service which fascinated me to know more about how this company uses AWS services to improve its services constantly.

In this blog, we will explore Swiggy’s “Insanely Good” pilot program, an exploratory case study of how the company is delivering exceptional quality to its customers (As they say).

Swiggy is an Indian online food delivery platform that has become a household name for many people in India. Through the use of innovative technology and a focus on customer feedback, Swiggy was able to improve its delivery service and set itself apart in a competitive market.

Food Delivery Company — Swiggy

Swiggy’s “Supr Daily” Story

Based in Bangalore, Supr Daily is a grocery ordering and delivery service that makes it convenient for customers to order fresh groceries to their homes. More than 200,000 customers use Supr Daily to order milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other groceries for delivery by 7:00 a.m. each day.

  • But to support its network of thousands of delivery partners across six cities and manage its inventory of thousands of products, Supr Daily needed to scale its order delivery verification and inventory planning systems.
  • At the same time, the company’s growth accelerated as restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic limited in-person shopping, contributing to a 70 percent surge in new users.

Due to some reasons, the founders decided to scale down the operations in five cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai in 2021. But they continued to operate and experiment in one city which was Bangalore.

Recently in March 2023, Swiggy rebranded its morning grocery delivery service SuprDaily to “InsanelyGood”, continuing the service in pilot mode and offering the next-day delivery of locally sourced groceries in Bangalore.

“Insanely Good” by Swiggy

  • InsanelyGood by Swiggy has promised to offer customers fresh, authentic, and delicious groceries delivered to their doorstep the next morning.
  • InsanelyGood will offer more than 3,000 locally sourced and organic food items, including fruits and vegetables, grains, snacks, beverages, baby food, and kitchen essentials, according to a company executive in the know.
  • Orders placed before 11 pm will be fulfilled by 7 am the following day. It is not known if the firm’s membership program Swiggy One will apply to orders on InsanelyGood immediately.

Now let us understand how Swiggy uses AWS Services

1. Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition is a service offered by AWS that offers pre-trained and customizable computer vision (CV) capabilities to extract information and insights from your images and videos.

  • Using this Organizations Automate and lower the cost of your image recognition and video analysis with machine learning.
  • Supr Daily wanted to automate the photo verification process so that it could provide instant feedback about whether a delivery partner needed to take a better photo.
  • The company decided to use ML to reduce manual work and increase the speed and accuracy of the system. After realizing that building the technology in-house would be too costly and complex, the company began working on multiple proofs of concept using Amazon Rekognition in 2020.
  • Each time a delivery partner submits a photo of the delivered goods, Supr Daily automatically sends that photo to Amazon Rekognition, which uses ML to check the photo quality and verify that it is valid as proof of delivery. This system facilitates verification in near real-time that deliveries have been fulfilled and that confirmation images are high-quality.

2. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon S3 Bucket

Supr Daily uses the images it stores on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance, to build custom Amazon Rekognition models that can recognize items in the images with 95 percent accuracy.

3. Amazon Forecast

Amazon Forecast

Since 2020, Supr Daily has also used Amazon Forecast, which can forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using ML, to analyze customer behavior data and to make sure it had the right inventory to meet demand. The demand forecasting workflow used to be manual, but Supr Daily has automated it on AWS, performing the forecasting on data stored in Amazon S3 and receiving results rapidly.

4. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Amazon SQS

The company uses Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), which provides fully managed message queuing for microservices, distributed systems, and server-less applications, to send a notification containing the results to the procurement teams, who can place orders and make sure that items are in stock.

5. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Because AWS manages the infrastructure, Supr Daily can iterate more quickly and accelerate time to market for new features. Meanwhile, the app’s backend is hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a simple-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications and services, making the solution scalable enough to support millions of customers in multiple cities. Implementing these services was simple.

6. Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize

The Company Developers also used Amazon Personalize allows developers to quickly build and deploy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation at scale using machine learning (ML). Because Amazon Personalize can be tailored to your individual needs, you can deliver the right customer experience at the right time and in the right place.

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Also, I saw a video of Danish Sait advertising InsanelyGood Products on YouTube while exploring this study if you want to check it out.

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