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How to detect file type in JavaScript without checking its file object type?

Usually when we want to check the type for a file that we have to upload we look for its MIME type in the file object.

MIME type is a standard that indicates the nature and format of a file, here you can get a list of the most common, there are really many of them.

But.. What if the file for some reasons doesn't has an extension or have a wrong extension assigned? 🤔

Luckily the magic numbers come to our aid.

Magic numbers are a byte pattern inside a file that is used to determine which is the type of the file.

Or, more properly, from Wikipedia:

Magic numbers implement strongly typed data and are a form of in-band signaling to the controlling program that reads the data type(s) at program run-time. Many files have such constants that identify the contained data

For have an example of how to implement magic numbers "by hand" with the FileReader API I strongly recommend reading this article by Andreas Kihlberg.

I want instead focus on the file-type library. This library applies the magic numbers approach to the ArrayBuffer of the file for detecting its type. It works with a large amount of different file types.

Unfortunately some file types, especially plain-text files, are harder to spot by this method and if you want to check the type you have to use a parser for every kind of file you have to consider.
For example if you want to spot SVG you can use is-svg library from NPM.

I've created a Sandbox that use the file-type library which you can play around 👇

👋 See you in the next article!

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