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Discussion on: What part of your first dev job were you least prepared for?

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Matthew Hudson

My first dev job was at a huge multinational. I was least prepared for ALL THE ((%%&$%&(&%%^ MEETINGS.
Some weeks, wound up pulling ridiculous hours not because of the work load, but because nearly every moment of my "business hours" time was spent in some teleconference room while marketing, sales, and tech management blabbed on about things that could have easily been handled via slack, confluence, or email. So there was the morning standup, a day full of meetings, and if I wanted to keep my job, had to take care of the actual work in the evenings.

My current job is much better. I don't even have a phone at my desk. There are still some meetings throughout the week, but manager used to be a dev too, so he's good about shielding the team from ridiculous meetings.

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Brian Greig

Meeting culture in large organizations continues to perplex me. I can't wrap my head around how people think that detaining folks from their core responsibilities is the most productive use of time. My biggest pet peeve is the "just dial in and do your work until they have a question for you." If I am not an integral part of the conversation then let me do my job in peace and slack me your questions. Shesh.