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What’s new on Meteor Client Bundler — Better React Native support, handling Meteor imports etc…

This article was published on 2018-07-13 by Arda Tanrikulu @ The Guild Blog

Introduction to new features of MCB

Meteor Client Bundler is a solution for packaging Meteor’s official client packages into a single module in order to use your projects not using Meteor CLI.
Until last version, it is not possible to use MCB on non-browser projects without some tricks such as React Native, Electron etc…

New Features on MCB

  • Generate stub modules for meteor/[PACKAGE] if you cannot use module-aliasing somehow. It is really challenging situation on Angular CLI and React Native CLI.
  • Use external NPM modules from your client project’s node_modules directory instead of adding it to the Meteor Client Bundle; this is required not to duplicate react for React Native projects.
  • Possibility not to add __meteor_runtime_config , if you want to add it by yourself in your project. Especially, if you want to seperate production and development URLs for Meteor backend

This features allow you to use directly Angular CLI and React Native CLI without the need of ejecting any configuration file.

Also, there is other specific post about React Native CLI integration of Meteor without using 3rd party libraries such as react-native-meteor or react-meteor-data which are copies of official client libraries. The most important disadvantage of using these extra libraries is lack of code sharing between Meteor and React Native project. Otherwise, Client Bundle generated by MCB allows this.

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These are direct links to the example projects using MCB;

Special thanks to Urigo for this great tool, and allowing me to modify the code to add these features.

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