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Team 9 Recap

Every time a Collab Lab cohort wraps up, I swear it flew by faster than the one that came before it. The August 2020 cohort was no exception -- it went so quickly and I can’t believe we’ve tossed our tassels with another amazing group of developers! 🎓

In the early days of The Collab Lab we only ran one team at a time. We’ve grown up quite a bit since then and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Our August 2020 cohort included 3 teams and I was lucky enough to mentor Team 9 alongside Yves Gurcan, a first-time Collab Lab mentor and the head of our Tech Talk initiative, and Scott Bergler, a former Collabie who couldn’t get enough so he decided to hang around and offer his experience to help other developers grow!

Team 9 at The Collab Lab

Our participants included:

  • Leigh-Ann Crivella, whose organizational skills and forward thinking led the team to so much success and, without a doubt, played a role in her landing her first developer role! Congrats, Leigh-Ann. We’re so proud of you.
  • Lia Chen, who always demonstrates such curiosity when approaching code and tackles building new features and squashing bugs with great calculation. Nothing is gonna get by her!
  • Mabel Hernandez, who is incredibly thoughtful when it comes to solving problems and is always digging deep to understand her code. She is always ready to fill you in on the technical details during Q&A after demos!
  • Fabrice Innocent, who came to the team with such ambition and blew us away with his dedication and tenacity. Fabrice totally crushed learning a new programming language and contributed some wonderfully fresh perspective to the team.

This team’s collaboration skills were so impressive. They kicked off the program and immediately started building a solid team that worked together to organize the work that needed to be done, squash tricky bugs, and build a really fantastic app.

If you’re in search of some really incredible developers who have experience collaborating with great success in a remote and agile environment, these are your people. ✅ ✨ 👏

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Yves Gurcan

What a great team! I'm so curious to hear about what Fabrice, Mabel, Lia, and Leigh-Ann will do next. You did an amazing job building this application and it was a pleasure working with all of you. Stacie, I admire the energy that you pour into The Collab Lab! You brightened every weekly sync meeting with your incredible positivity 🙂