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Quick tip on Azure Cosmos DB indexes

"Don't accept the defaults." - Abel Wang

Most people aren't aware, but by default, every property in your document stored in Cosmos DB is indexed. While this is fantastic for performance, optimizing query speed across your data, it can become costly if you're dealing with a large amount of data.

This default behavior, though beneficial in many scenarios, may not suit every use case, especially when budget constraints are tight, or specific data doesn't require fast query access.

The good news is that Azure Cosmos DB offers the flexibility to customize this behavior. You have the option to disable indexing on certain properties or to create custom indexes that better fit your application's needs, potentially saving costs without compromising on performance where it matters most.

For those looking to dive deeper into how to fine-tune your Azure Cosmos DB setup, Microsoft Learn offers a comprehensive guide on customizing indexes for the SQL API. It covers everything from the basics of indexing to advanced techniques for optimizing your data access patterns.

Learn how to optimize your Azure Cosmos DB indexes: Customize Indexes in Azure Cosmos DB for the SQL API.

Taking control of your database's indexing strategy can lead to significant performance improvements and cost savings. Don't settle for the defaults; tailor your Azure Cosmos DB to meet your specific needs.

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