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Discussion on: Optimize Your Career for Growth

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Tyler Hawkins Author

I'd have to agree with Nate here, that having difficulty finding a new software engineering job in the current market may often be a competency issue. And that's not meant as an insult to a struggling developer, but rather in the most literal sense of the word ("competence" is defined as "having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.")

So there may be a skills gap in technical skills, soft skills, or interviewing skills. Sometimes it's even just a bad fit company culture-wise. But if a developer finds themselves often being rejected from positions they've applied to, they may want to ask themselves what skills or competencies they need to focus on in order to land their dream job and then get to work improving those.

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Domenico Rizzo

Yes, I agree but often companies require experience that one cannot have by simple study