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Typescript, react, redux, thunk, and material-ui template

thatonejakeb profile image Jacob Baker ・1 min read

Over the past day I've revisited the skeleton application that I use as a bootstrap when creating projects. The last time I wrote one with this tech stack was 14 months ago, which in development years is a lifetime!

The app includes:

  • typescript
  • react
  • redux
  • thunk
  • material-ui

Whenever I write a skeleton app I like to add a short, simple, example because without fail after not working with this tech stack for a while I'll forget how everything ties together.

The example in this shows a simple button that adds 10 to a count after a short delay each time it is clicked. The function that adds 10 can (very rarely) intentionally fail to show how the error works.

Feel free to use it, and if you've any questions or suggestions let me know!

Github: https://github.com/jacobbaker/skeleton-ts-react-redux-thunk-mui-2020
Twitter: @thatonejakeb

An update...

Like I said; a lifetime in developer time.

Since writing this the other day I was pointed toward the official Redux+Typescript CRA template which, amongst other things, uses Redux Toolkit to nicely reduce the amount of boilerplate needed.

It such a nice way of working that I've forked it and added Material-UI support which can be either be found here:

Github: https://github.com/jacobbaker/cra-template-redux-typescript-mui

Or when creating a new app:

npx create-react-app my-app --template redux-typescript-mui

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Editor guide

Note that we now have an official Redux+TypeScript template for Create-React-App, which is built around our official Redux Toolkit package.

You might want to consider forking that template and adding whatever additional styling you want on top of it.


Considered and done. Redux Toolkit is such a nice way of working.


Ooo I didn’t know that existed, thanks! Looks very different to how I’m used to writing, particularly with a lot of the boilerplate cut out which is nice.