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Musicians! I made a random scale picker: Box of Scales

thatonejakeb profile image Jacob Baker ・1 min read

Made this initially for my own personal use for practising scales for exams. Figured it might be useful to others so I've unleashed it upon the internet so you too can improve your daily scale practice (that you definitely do, oh yes, every day...).

Just select what you want included and it will shuffle all combinations.

The only mildly interesting technical part is the example of the scale is dynamically generated each time rather than being a static image.

I will at some point open source it, but as is usually the case with unplanned projects it could do with a tidy up first.

If anyone uses it and finds an issue please do Tweet/DM or message me here and let me know. Equally, if it is of use and you've any feature requests let me know!

Website:    https://boxofscales.com


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Great website; When I tried dorian d though, it didn't work.


Yeah I've been a little lazy and so far added scales for everything other than melodic minor and modes outside of ionian and aeolian. They'll be arriving next week!


Cool! Reminds me of a project I did a couple months back: b3u.github.io/chordy


Just spent longer than I care to admit playing with that!


what can I add to or change about the project?

Doesn't seem to play on iOS, could you fallback to WebAudio (Tone.js?) or something so that it does? What about adding an image of the chord that gets played?