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Discussion on: The Road to Modern JavaScript

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Joseph Moore • Edited on

In a perfect HTTP/2 world, bundling becomes an antipattern. That, however, basically depends on properly-implemented server push, where each file that gets pushed also causes its dependencies to get pushed. If you don't have server push, you can get into situations where you have deeply-nested dependencies and, while you're transferring everything over a single TCP connection, you still have to wait for the browser to discover that it needs a resource so that it can download it.

So, it kind of becomes a 'measure and see' kind of thing. I suspect that, for those environments without server-side push (like Amazon Cloudfront), we'll see a pattern emerge of no longer bundling all of your direct dependencies into one file, but bundling all of their dependencies with them.

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Anton Frattaroli

Just out of curiosity, I'd like to see the extent of the impact on Angular. Maybe they'd need another messy migration to a future version. I'd assume it would be less of an issue for a React app. I wouldn't really know regarding either.