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The Apple WWDC event happened on June 5th, and what came is groundbreaking.

Yesterday afternoon, at WWDC (world-wide developer conference), Apple, the company behind the well-known iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, and more, released a bunch of new products, and new operating system updates. Let's begin with the biggest one, an all-new product! Yesterday afternoon, Apple released their Vision Pro Virtual Reality headset. The software will actually be similar to their previous software styles, with users able to game (of course), but also able to do productivity work. It will be a big step in the world of VR. Before I continue, let's watch the official apple release.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get into some new software. Here we go!

Namedrop. Hold two iPhones near each other, and namedrop will pop up. You can send your contact info like THAT to someone else. It looks like this:
namedrop It also comes with a contact poster that you can make however you want.

FACETIME. Facetime just got some big changes. The contact poster that you made for namedrop, also shows up on FaceTime. And if they missed your call, you can now leave a video message, like on the phone BUT FOR FACETIME!!! And you can now switch when you connect to the facetime, from your iPhone, all the way up to your Apple TV (calling on the BIG SCREEN).

Apple TV... did you lose your Siri Remote? You're covered! Find My now works on your Siri remote.


Messaging... you can now add stickers from your photos for the PERFECT REACTION!

YES YES YES!!! Apple's all new journal app is here! You can write about anything you want, or use the MOMENTS feature to add suggested snippets about your day.

Maps. Now when you ride, or even just in the car, you can use topographical maps that you can save offline for off-the-grid use.

Really quick here: IMHO, Craig Federighi and Tim Cook were literal stars out there. Tim made the $3500 price tag sound appealing, and Craig was Craig, so STAR.

PEANUTS!!! Apple has introduced new peanuts watchfaces for the Apple Watch!!!

Check in. Apple has released Check In, an automatic ETA feature so you can share when you will arrive home.

Adaptive audio... AirPods will identify important sounds and keep you aware of them while zoning out unimportant ones and keeping your music going.

OS WIDGETS AND TIMERS. All devices can now have multiple timers and widgets running at the same time!

Macbook Air 15"! We'll get to that at the end.

Mac Game Mode. A new optimized-for-gaming mode on Mac that allows for better, smoother gaming. And no distractions.

Standby. A new nightstand mode that allows for whatever you want. A live game scoreboard, a clock, a music player, and more!

Live voicemail. If you don't want to take a call, just use this feature to see a live voicemail transcript of whatever's coming in. Also, there's no more decline button, just BLOCK. That sends them straight to voicemail, and then here comes the Live Voicemail.

Better Autocorrect. Pretty Self-Explanatory.

Mood log! iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch now have a mood log feature so you can get a lot off your chest easier.

Like I said, Macbook 15". Here's Apple's description:
"MacBook Air just got bigger. Now with a spacious 15-inch Liquid Retina display in a design that’s impossibly thin and light. And because it’s supercharged by M2, you get blazing-fast performance and up to 18 hours of battery life. Add to that six speakers with immersive Spatial Audio technology, a 1080p camera, and the seamless way it works with iPhone, and you get the 15-inch laptop we’ve all been waiting for." There's a lot of new cool features that will make the MacBook a whole lot better!
WWDC 2023.

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