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Refi App - A tool to make developer less painful when interacting with Firestore DB

Thanh Minh
Software Engineer who love making high-standard products. I build - A GUI tool to interact with FireStore, more soon! Follow my Twitter to know more
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Hello there,

When I first working with FireStore I had to face many issues

  • How can I filter documents by some criteria?
  • How can I insert a new document from a JSON, in fact, I have to write a script to insert some new document
  • I have to use GC Storge to backup the data, which is I need to spend more time learning about it. WTF 🀬 why not just export and import by a JSON file?
  • If I edit the same field of many documents, I need to go through documents and documents to edit.

Is there any tool to interact with FireStore like TablePlus - A question pop on my head. But you know what

Not found

So yeah, I think many of you will phase the same issues like me, so I decided to make one.

Refi App

Check out it at


The first version includes:
πŸ” Privacy - Your privacy is our first priority. We do not keep any of your data

We never ever send any of your data. Your data is your and always your

πŸ“œ Table view - Easy view & edit a large amount of data like Excel

πŸ—’οΈ JSON Editor - You can add, edit documents like in your editor. No more wasted time clicking to add just a document

We integrated Monaco Editor - aka **VS Code* core so you can feel like 🏠*

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Build for Developer - With hotkeys, you can do anything without leaving your keyboard. We are developer, we love keyboard
Alt Text

Press Cmd + Shift + P or Cmd + / to open Command list

🚧 Preview changes - Confidence edit data without making Production crash


This is an early version, so let help me make it better by giving me some feedback. I think we can make it better

Make RefiApp stronger

P/S 2

This tool is built by Electron, Typescript, React, Vite
And the Homepage is built by Cloudflare worker, Notion as backend

There some many interesting when building it, I think it would be shared with the community. Which one make you interesting most?

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Jacob Marshall

That’s really cool!

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Thanh Minh Author

Thanks @jacobhq feel free to drop me some feedback if you have.

Let's make it better πŸ’ͺ