Any active contributors on Stackoverflow?

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Reputation values are changing across Stack Overflow

I got 600 reputations. It is a good chance for me because of its added value for good questions. what about others and whats your thoughts on this change?

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Will you put more effort into writing your questions because of the increased rep gain for doing so? If you and others do so then it's a welcome change. But I doubt it'll make a discernible difference. If users weren't prepared to put the effort in to get a solution to their problem of the day, it seems unlikely that they'll put the effort in for a handful of internet points.

StackOverflow seems to be floundering, with little idea what to do now that their main product is mature. They're steadily alienating their long time contributors, as they hunt for ways to bring new eyeballs to their pages. This particular change won't do much harm in itself, but it's part of a steady trickle of dubious changes.


As an active SO member,
I think this change is going to make a difference for the worst, by encouraging what's known in the Stackovrflow community as Help vampires - people that only (or, at least mostly) ask questions, but don't contribute their knowledge in the form of answers.


no matter what, some people always be a consumer. But I agree you SO should push people to answer more


Yeah, I agree - but taking an active part of a community should be enough to drive most people to at least want to contribute to that community. I have no problem with people that get their answers on SO (or anywhere else, for that matter) from reading other peoples posts - I've been doing that for a while before actually starting to participate - but usually, Help vampires are the ones that asks trivial questions that can most likely be solved using a simple search, and usually sign off their questions with stuff like "Please help ASAP!!!" - this is absolutely not the kind of participants I would want to encourage in any community.


I haven't asked or answered anything in a long time. Too many happy downvoters for no good reason.


Actually answer downvotes causes -1 reputation for downvoters but it doesn't for questions


No duplicate closures without references should have ever been allowed.

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