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The Noob CMS: What we will create in this series?

By helping others, you learn how to help yourself. When the Noob is at work, remember it's not a Noob at work.
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Good Going Guys, you have successfully setup your environment. Now let's move on.

Tools and Environment

The purpose of setting up different environments with the same tools (VsCode, MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin, MariaDB, Nginx) is to show that operating systems should not be taken as the great walls of china. All operating systems are viable to produce the same output regardless of its pros and cons, therefore the idea should be used to hinder hurdles to stop you from becoming a full stack developer. The same tools are used irrespective of the environment as we move on. This would clearly set a basis on how the same things can be achieved using different methods.

The Technology

Now before my discussion based on PHP vs NodeJs, i was going to skip PHP, but now as the debate has flunk into two political parties, one PHP and second NodeJS, I have included PHP 7 in it. First we will be covering PHP 7 and producing a product and then we will replicate the same product on NodeJS and Angular. To my understanding as PHP is almost a decade old, therefore a little more refined in the context that programming concepts are easy to understand on PHP, maybe because that is the first thing your exposed to or perhaps the concepts made on PHP are further translated into slightly advanced concepts in NodeJS and Angular, irrespective we will produce the same product in both technologies. Now for plain stakes, i will be using MariaDB as the database, which is nothing but a more tweaked version of MySQL, so dont worry.

Project Overview (The NOOB CMS)

The Noob CMS will be an open source project where a user will able to register using an email, name and a password. The password will be encrypted using MD5 Encryption so to make it secure. The user will have basic profile as about us and will be able to upload his own display picture. The user will be able to create categories and categories with the same name will not be able to be created. These categories will act as sections in which, the user will be able to write news articles. The user will be able to delete and edit these articles. These articles will be available under the user profile and on a common wall, where other users will be able to comment and share those articles.

Optional Considerations

These considerations will be optional based on how well I am able to communicate things over the viewers, therefore a feedback from the viewers is required. Some features that we might cover in the end would be Live Chat and Private Messages. A portion we might consider would be collecting analytical data and storing it into the database for other viewing purposes.

Expected Output: A Working Web, An Android APP, An IOS App

I will be waiting for some feedback exclusively before we start, so don't keep me waiting.

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Discussion (6)

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

The whole project sounds interesting, I'm excited to see the entire tutorial!

th3n00bc0d3r profile image
Muhammad Author

Great, i get my first appreciation.

arberbr profile image
Arber Braja

Dont use md5 if you take your users security seriously. Use some more modern encryption library, at least bcrypt or something even more advanced.

th3n00bc0d3r profile image
Muhammad Author

Great suggestion, let me use md5 so that the tutorial completes, as its going to be open source, we upgrade the security.

weirdmayo profile image
Daniel Mayovsky

Really excited to see how the project is going to turn out!

th3n00bc0d3r profile image
Muhammad Author

Yay!!... Thanks for the comment