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Giveaway: 3 Free CPANEL Paid Accounts

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200 + Followers

WOW!, that was a really short journey 200 followers, I am entitled to give back to the community and then it came to my mind, i have a server for some of my sites at digital ocean for which i am paying with a CPANEL License, the least i could do was give 3 FREE Accounts for a year to my followers;


  • You need to have your own Domain

What you need to do?

  • Answer the following question in the comment

Why should anyone be a member of dev.to?

Top 3 posts with the most hearts, gets the account.

Results will be announced in 3 days.


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Why anyone should be a member of dev.to?

Because it's free to join and share any idea. Really user friendly, even for newbie with no dev skill.

If you ask me why I join dev.to, then my answer is because I can fill my head with new and fresh knowledge everytime I visit my timeline on dev.to!