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Amazing Conclusion to a Process that people have naturally followed but sometimes have failed to understand. I personally agree to taking a break method is what has always worked for me. I think as you have explained it does point to the fact that patience is a key to success.

One thing i`d like to add that has personally helped me is, repeating the process from start, starting from scratch with the problem. What i have observed is that people get too scared of using

Ctrl + A : Select All and in Mac CMD + A
And Then Delete

Lolx, kinda sounds funny but for me, when i am stuck lets say half way down a problem, i just trash the code aside for reference, and then restart the whole process from the very base and to my amaze it is always some step i might have missed that solves in the problem, this thing also worked with hardware aswell.

Keep up the good contributions. Your ideas generate more ideas for me to write on as well.


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