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What Alfred Workflows do you use?

I started using Alfred in earnest about a month ago, by that I mean I purchased the Powerpack.
It's fantastic my only complaint is that a lot of the workflows seem a little outdated or needing some TLC so far the ones I've been using a ton are:

  • Bear by Chris Brown, which I use to quickly open my notes
  • Harvest by Andre Jilderda, I consult for a company that uses Harvest for time tracking
  • Emoji Taco by Jeff Stein, it's nice to be able to grab the perfect emoji.
  • Launch in 3 Browsers by Vero Pepperrell, I've found this dosen't seem to work in all browsers all the time but it's come in handy a few times when I've had to test some front-end features.

What Alfred workflows do you find indispensable? I haven't spent much time exploring yet so I'm open to all suggestions.

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