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Connecting your RSS feed URL for easy publishing to

Tessa Kriesel
Head of DevRel @ Fast • Founder @ Devocate • Alum: Twitter, Pantheon & General Mills • Keynote Speaker • OSS Developer • Women in Tech Advocate • Developer Relations Leader • Dog 💜 & Archer
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This is a spin off from Devocate's post, Where Developers Blog, to help show developers how to connect their blogs with to easily cross post content.

Connecting your blog to

It's actually incredibly easy to do.

  1. Collect the RSS feed URL for your current blog. Depending on your platform, this may vary.
  2. Login to and navigate to Settings, then Extensions
  3. Scroll down to Publishing to DEV Community from RSS and paste your RSS URL in the RSS Feed URL field.

    Adding your RSS Feed URL

  4. Be sure to check to make your RSS source the canonical URL be default. The next box is entirely up to you---but if you're keeping your blog, I would suggest not checking it.

  5. Click Save Feed Settings

  6. Let work their magic for a few minutes, or a few hours, it varies overall. 

  7. Login back into and navigate to Dashboard under your account menu. 

  8. You should see a feed of posts in draft mode that came in from your blog.

    Imported Posts

  9. Go through your posts and decide which ones make the cut for! Click Edit on the post you want to publish and make any appropriate tweaks. Be sure to change "false" to "true" when you are ready to publish!

    Edit & Publish

  10. Click Save Changes. Your blog post is now live on 💥

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