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Just landed on this post two years later! I recently posted an impossibly niche piece of content on a PeerTube instance (LED blinkenlights driven by my favorite programming language), and was looking around to see whether dev.to allowed embedding PeerTube content. (It doesn't, and that's perfectly OK.)

Great points raised on both sides about moderation. Especially given the fact that we're discussing this on dev.to, which, honestly, has an incredible combination of both broad-based community responsibility and a level-headed group of moderators.

I like the idea of PeerTube taking power away from YouTube and giving it back to content creators! But I've already left Twitter & Facebook due to their, uh.... non-existent(?) moderation policies. So I'm interested to see what happens with PeerTube and whether it becomes overrun. A little 4channery would scare me off quickly.

At least as someone with somewhat narrow interests, the server I landed on had kept things clean (probably just by luck!) and is mainly trafficking in Debian & Linux related posts, electronics nerdery, etc!

Oh yeah. Here's my Blinken MIDI masterpiece. :-D


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