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Hiring React JS Dev

[HIRING] [REMOTE]. Part time.
Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who has experience in REACT JS to assist me in creating an advanced level game, with a specific concept in mind, using React JS. This strategy-like RPG game will be fully 2D. I am new to coding and will try to implement new features onto an existing game. When I run into problems, I'd like you to help me work out how to fix them and get the code to work.

It will be a casual job with hours done as needed and for a maximum of 10 hours per week (rate will be negotiated according to your experience & more)

Ideal Skills:

Strong proficiency in JavaScript, specifically React JS.
Significant experience in game development, particularly with RPGs.

*If interested, please reach me out at with your CV and if you want, a short introduction outlining your experience in this field.

Thank you! :)


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Is this still going on?