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Linux security LAB Broken Spaceship

I've been slowly working in my free time in this Linux security sharing platform with a cute mascot and some educational purposes in mind, called Broken Spaceship.

It's a research lab meant to share interesting security facts that find, as well as the IoC (indicators of compromise) from my honeypot. It's run by a free software spirit, so the repo is there for everyone to take a look. I intend to improve it, but the whole thing is kind of set up.

the mascot, astronaut skull, showing their profile

I intend to create a MISP in the future (an alfa version was already tested by some close, technical friends) but for now, apart from the website, the indicators are shared in:

illustration of a toy spaceship

I don't spam! just slowly sharing my passion :)

I'm spending more time and focus on the Japanese version of the platform, but nevertheless the information is available in English, too.

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Michael Tharrington

Thanks for sharing! Loving the illustrations here btw. 🙌

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Thank you!