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Happy in tech, regardless my sexuality

Threat Hunting analyst, used to be an offensive security expert. Privacy and Digital rights awareness. Teacher, sometimes.
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I wanted to join in the #devpride, as I think this is a nice community to be open with. To be honest I never had a problem with my sexuality in the job, and I'm so happy and lucky about that, true thing I don't usually speak about my bisexuality at work, but when I did at first I felt uneasy... for a few seconds before realizing it wasn't a problem to my work mates. This month, and all the year, I just wish the same luck for everyone in this already difficult 2020.

I'm proud of...

Being part of large communities that usually welcome tons of LGBTIQ friendly people and activists: Security experts and Makers. It just feels great to know most of the persons around you are not just good professionals, but great pals.

Equality in tech looks like...

Everyone listening to each others and learning from both professional and personal experiences!

I find support in...

My friends in tech, ex-workmates and current workmates!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Appreciate you posting this, and I'm glad you have a supportive group of people throughout your career!

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