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Is Adobe ColdFusion Dead? Programmers and CIOs Often Ask This Question

It’s almost impossible to type ColdFusion into a search bar and avoid a pop-up suggestion, ”Is ColdFusion dead?”
Developers who prefer ColdFusion, and programmers in general, tend to be subjective around this type of topic that calls for the comparison of different programming languages. Young programmers like to compare it with PHP in open discussions. We’re going to lay out some facts, and try to remain objective on this.

What Does the State of the ColdFusion Union Survey Say?
Every year, programmers who are using ColdFusion take a survey. The results of such surveys provide essential information about the current state of the CF community. People can view and share the results which among many others confirm. Take a look at the highlights of this year’s survey below.

I am happy to share interesting State of CF survey 2020 partial results (full details in that link)

Lucee 5.3+ is the most popular version this year with CF 2016 in second, just ahead of CF 2018.
ColdBox was just beaten out by “Homegrown” as the most popular general framework, followed by FW/1, Fusebox and CFWheels
Vue.js has come ahead of Angular since last year as the most popular JS framework. With React in third place.
GitHub is the most popular source control, with Git based BitBucket and GitLab coming up behind. Non-Git solutions are way behind.
Visual Studio Code overwhelmingly beat Sublime Text and Notepad++ as the most popular editor for CFers
CommandBox, AWS and Container deployment has increased since last year but most CFers continue to use their own servers or ISP servers
Hardly any CFers had hacked servers this year. Win!
Favorite reasons to keep coding in CF: RAD, fast to learn, fun coding, great language features, existing CFML code base
Thanks to the hundreds of ColdFusion developers who have filled out The 2020 State of the CF Union survey​ already!

This year’s survey pointed out lots of interesting facts. Read the full report here.

Why All Experts Agree CF is More Popular Than Ever

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