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Pernilla Wigh
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My Journey: JavaScript Challenges and Scrimba!

Hello, everyone!

I'm Pernilla, a nurse consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field, specializing in cognitive therapy within psychiatry.

In my spare time, I'm an avid bridge player. Aspiring to one day participate in the Swedish Championship, despite being a newcomer to the game, I find it rewarding for the sense of community and personal growth it offers.

Introduction: My Path to Web Development

It all started this spring when I discovered a hidden passion for web development. As a nurse consultant, I never imagined that I would delve into the world of frontend development.

However, the desire to create a personal website where I could showcase my two passions - the art of being human and the art of playing bridge - drove me to explore the exciting realm of web development.

Embracing the Challenge of JavaScript ""

As I embarked on my web development journey, I encountered a daunting obstacle - JavaScript. This powerful scripting language seemed like an entirely different realm, and I found myself struggling to grasp its concepts. The complex syntax and dynamic nature left me feeling overwhelmed. I knew I needed a better approach to understand this integral part of web development.

Discovering Scrimba - A Game-Changer in Learning

In my quest for a more effective learning platform, I stumbled upon Scrimba. This interactive and hands-on learning platform turned out to be a game-changer for me.

Scrimba's tutorials allowed me to watch code being written in real-time and engage with the material at my own pace. The interactive format and immediate feedback on my code significantly enhanced my learning experience.

Making Progress in HTML and CSS

Through Scrimba's engaging approach, I made significant strides in HTML and CSS. Designing web layouts and styling elements became an exciting puzzle for me to solve. As I constructed various designs, it felt like I was piecing together a beautiful mosaic of creativity and functionality.

Illustration showcasing a person meticulously charting and navigating through a labyrinth, representing the challenges and triumphs of working with Firebase and JavaScript

Navigating the Challenges of Firebase and JavaScript

However, as I progressed further, I reached a challenging section that involved Firebase integration with JavaScript.

The complexities of Firebase left me feeling lost and confused. Despite my best efforts, I struggled to grasp its functionalities and how to incorporate them into my projects.

A compelling depiction of people from different backgrounds huddled around a large table, sharing code, discussing solutions, and lending a helping hand, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the web development community.

Seeking Community Support and Guidance

Faced with these hurdles, I turn to the web development community for assistance.

I'm sharing my journey here in hopes of finding guidance and support. I believe that with the help of others who have overcome similar obstacles, I can conquer the challenges of Firebase and continue growing as a frontend developer.

Looking Ahead - My Future in Frontend Development

My journey in frontend development has just begun, and I am excited about what lies ahead. As I gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript and Firebase, I plan to explore more advanced concepts in web development.

My goal is to create an engaging and informative website that beautifully intertwines my passion for the human experience and the strategic intricacies of bridge playing.

Conclusion: Embracing Growth and Learning

In conclusion, my transition from a seasoned nurse consultant to a frontend developer will be an exhilarating experience.
Scrimba is an invaluable tool in my learning journey, providing me with interactive and engaging tutorials.

While JavaScript and Firebase present challenges, I am committed to overcoming them and reaching new heights in frontend development.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey with you all and look forward to the support and insights from this wonderful web development community.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for sharing in the joys and challenges of learning frontend development!

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