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Tyler V. (he/him)
Tyler V. (he/him)

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Create A Custom 404 Page In Gridsome

The other day I was playing around in Gravit and made this:

the word error with a rainbow gradient and black shadow 3D pop-out effect

And thought "Hmmm, I should find something to do with this." I decided it would fit perfectly on my site as the 404 page.

So let's see how that's done!

Gridsome's 404.vue file

add a 404.vue page to your src/pages/ folder

By default, navigating to a path that doesn't exist will return a plain page with "404 - not found" in an h1 tag - not particularly interesting or helpful since the user now has to either go back a page or change the URL themselves.

Gridsome makes replacing the default 404 page fairly straightforward - add a 404.vue page to your src/pages/ folder.

Besides displaying the error message, I also applied my default layout to the page so that the user could easily get back to a valid page, and so the error page wasn't as jarring.

As of the time of writing, this is the code behind my 404 page:


    <div class="post max-w-4xl mx-auto text-center">
        404 - page not found
      <p>Oops! That page returns an</p>
        alt="error text with a rainbow gradient and shadows creating a pop-out 3d effect"
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Now that I have some customization in place, I might start experimenting with adding fun elements to turn my 404 page into a bit of an Easter Egg like DEV's offline page!

I also made a 'flat' version of the error image which is available on RedBubble! 👀

Have you seen any interesting offline or 404 pages recently? Share your favorites below! 👇

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